More than 2 million people go to bed hungry every night in Limpopo Province. A few years back, one of my classmates, who left his home in Limpopo to study in KZN, said, “Chanchal, my people are the forgotten ones and I hope to help change this one day.” I remember his words because of our partnership with Keep The Dream 196 Foundation (KTD), headed by a formidable woman, Louise Batty, in Tzaneen (Limpopo). Louise and her team work tirelessly to serve1500 beneficiary families. Food security is enhanced through KTD’s focus on permaculture gardens. This noteworthy effort assists families to put food on their tables. However, the breadth of poverty is so wide that a host of interventions are needed to drastically improve living standards. Furthermore, a growing number of families remain hungry, unemployed, and severely resource deprived. With the onset of #Covid-19 we are seeing an unprecedented number of families fall deeper into poverty. We Care Mother Africa is committed to working with KTD to find ways to narrow this gap. We recently assisted 30 families with food parcels – families that fall out of the beneficiary database but families that have been identified as desperately needing assistance. We assisted these families because they live on the fringes; they earn a pittance for their informal labour; and they are not eligible for social grants which means they were also not included in the state’s food parcel distribution. We have hundreds of families requesting assistance.

We say a heartfelt thanks to Dr Sudeshen Naidoo (Sandton Oncology Centre) and Mr Prean Pather (Norsaf Marine) for donating these much needed food parcels to our 30 families.

Today, I write this story, hopeful that news of the plight of these families can be shared. We are requesting assistance with purchasing eggs and peanut butter, in particular, because these 2 items are power foods that will go a long way in addressing the severe protein shortage in the diets of our people in rural Limpopo. Please contact us if you would like to be of assistance.