We Care Mother Africa will not call it a day until we pay tribute to every nurse that once served and those who continue to do so with compassion and immense bravery. Happy International Nurses Day. You are our superheroes. We pray for your safety and longevity.

As a token of our appreciation for your dedication, we are distributing 3 ply surgical masks to our sisters and brothers who hail from the nursing fraternity. This distribution has been made possible by our strategic partners, Norsaf Marine and Alliance Care Sub-Acute Hospital.

Norsaf Marine has committed to sponsoring 50,000 3 ply surgical masks valued at R600,000.00. Alliance Care will be supporting us with substantial donations of 3 ply surgical masks and gloves for medical staff and caregivers in our NPO network who are working with immuno-compromised patients, and the elderly. The Group is also sponsoring considerable quantities of fabric masks for our communities, thereby enhancing the personal safety of our people.

We say a heartfelt thanks to:
1. Ms Nivashnie Moodley, Operations Director at the Alliance Care Group for donating 1000 masks, valued at R15,000.00 which were handed over to Aryan Benevolent Home (ABH).
2. Mr Prean Pather and Mr Vishen Govender (Norsaf Marine) for donating 1000 masks valued at R12,000.00, which were also handed over to ABH.
3. Team Norsaf, again, for donating 450 masks, valued at R5,400.00, to our sister NPO, St Clements Home-Based Care.

We Care Mother Africa is proud to be of service to ABH, and to have such a special bond with our colleagues at St Clements Home-Based Care. We cannot thank our sisters enough, at both institutions, for putting themselves in the frontline every day. They serve with compassion, dedication and bravery. We take our hats off to them.