Our Mission

To extend the WCMA model to as many indigent communities as possible in order to empower greater numbers of people to exit the cycle of poverty.

Our Vision

A sustainable organisation that supplements some basic commodity needs of impoverished communities, over the long term, thereby contributing to sustained community development.

Our Aim

WE CARE MOTHER AFRICA (WCMA) is a non-profit organisation, founded by women for marginalised communities in South Africa. WCMA is passionate about contributing to poverty alleviation, and uplifting communities. We aim to do so by assisting communities to meet some essential basic needs, via the distribution of sanitary pad/hygiene packs (for schoolgirls), hygiene packs and food packs (for households) in a sustainable manner. In this way, we envision communities reintegrating themselves into society, with the capacity both, to sustain themselves and contribute to the social and economic fabric of society.