#Covid-19 has added immense financial strain on parents/caregivers who struggle to put food on the table for their children. Malnutrition levels amongst children remain shockingly high. It is heartbreaking to know that children are going hungry.

We Care Mother Africa is proud to be working with an amazing young man, our friend and colleague, Mondli, a qualified social worker, who together with his dedicated team, work tirelessly, offering various psycho-social services to support 150 orphaned & vulnerable children, and youth in Melville (KwaDukuza), through Enduduzweni Community Care Centre. We are proud to share that we were able to add value to the kitchen and enable this amazing group of people to provide our precious children with a lunch meal, Monday to Friday, for the next two months.

Our angels will be provided with:
jam & peanut butter sandwiches
polony sandwiches
sugar beans & maize meal
chicken biryani

This has been made possible through our benefactor and sister who wishes to remain anonymous. Thank you sister, for honoring your grandparents and for extending your motherhood to the children of Melville.

Provisions supplied:
50 loaves of bread
4Ltr Sunflower Oil
40kg super maize meal
30kg rice
25kg sugar beans
12kg polony
59kg chicken
2kg margarine
3,2kg peanut butter
3,6kg jam


We wanted to share the joy our children in Melville are experiencing through the partnership of We Care Mother Africa and Enduduzweni Community Care Centre. Mondli, you are our superhero.

Our children were delighted to receive sugar beans and maize, which is their absolute favourite. The next meal on the menu will be chicken biryani, their second favourite meal.