Food security and nutrition are inextricably linked.

It is not enough to help feed a child or a poor household. What matters more, if we wish to contribute to better health, social and economic outcomes, is that when we help feed people and invariably alleviate their sense of deprivation, we must do our level best to assist them with nutritious food, NOT tummy fillers that have almost ZERO nutritional value.

There are countless studies (local and global) that clearly show the effect of good nutrition on general health, menstrual health, a child’s cognitive development, an individual’s work and academic productivity. Adequate nutrition is also inextricably linked to the overall health of people impacted by diabetes, HIV and AIDS.

When We Care Mother Africa prepares a food parcel, we do our best to ensure that the bulk of the contents meet varying nutritional needs. We strongly maintain that well thought-through food aid will contribute to a developmental agenda.

In keeping with this belief,
we share with you some pictures of our third distribution leg of e’Pap Technology, dedicated to our school-going children, in the rural villages of Tzaneen, Limpopo. e’Pap is a valuable addition to our food aid program because with families struggling to secure food, the addition of e’Pap, provides a family with good nutrition in the course of the month: 24 vitamins and minerals, of which 9 are amino acids that aid in optimal absorption of nutrients.

Your donations will not simply fill tummies. They will help us build healthier and more productive communities.