Soup Kitchens in Lavender Hill & Vrygrond continue to feed the poor

Our partner NPO, New World Foundation, continues to work tirelessly to assist the masses of people entering the world of unemployment, and having no safety net. This week, we assisted to keep the vital soup kitchens open through a donation of 10 essential food boxes.

We are immensely grateful to 4 generous and kind-hearted supporters who made this donation possible. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Keith Govender, Lorraine Govender, Mr/s D Govender and Y Govender. We are because you continue to be🙏

Essential food box:
♡Speckled Beans
♡Soup Mix
♡Sunflower Oil
♡Margarine Spread

Soup Kitchens
♡Hillview Mosque
♡Lavender Hill Mosque
♡Hillview, Lavender Hill
♡Sherpherd Court, Lavender Hill
♡Wicht Court, Lavender Hill
♡Dover Court, Lavender Hill
♡St Montigue Village
♡St Robert Rd, Seawinds

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