We are so pleased to share this important update. We Care Mother Africa has entered into a strategic and most valued partnership with a well-established and respected, national logistics company, Ramgan Logistics, led by Ryan Naidoo. Ryan and his team have a wealth of experience in logistics, particularly, the transport industry. Furthermore, the team at Ramgan are committed to using their expertise and resources to assist communities in need. Through our partnership, our bread allocations are distributed efficiently to our beneficiary communities. We are immensely grateful for this invaluable partnership🙏🏼.

Week One:
♡310 loaves distributed
Week Two:
♡380 loaves distributed
Week Three 1st leg:
♡400 loaves distributed
Week Three 2nd leg:
♡285 loaves distributed

To recap: in the 1st leg of week 3, 400 loaves were distributed to 4 shelters, a palliative care centre, and our meals on wheels program in Clermont and New Germany, the latter serving hundreds of poverty-stricken people.

The 2nd leg of week 3 was dedicated to our feeding programs, and impoverished households, in our North Coast communities of Frasers, Lindelani, Melville, Taffeni informal settlement, and Nkobongo township.

We are grateful to our partner, the Sri Sathya Sai Food Kitchen (Durban) who, in week 2, distributed 90 loaves to 11 shelters and in week 3, delivered 200 loaves to 4 shelters, a palliative care centre, and 40 homeless people in Durban Central.

NO ONE should go HUNGRY!!!

Sharing some beautiful moments with you.

East Coast Lions