We continue to add value to the measures taken by the healthcare workers in our network, to protect themselves, and the patients and communities they serve, through our ongoing distributions of much-needed PPEs.

We are immensely grateful to a group of local businesses and families, who, driven by their concern for the safety of healthcare workers and frontline staff, patients, and communities, have come on board to assist us through their incredibly generous donations of face shields and fabric face masks.

We also say a big THANK YOU to our healthcare partner, Alliance Care Sub-Acute Hospital for their continued support and their commitment to safeguarding healthcare workers and communities.

This post is dedicated to our brave brothers and sisters who offer palliative care to hundreds of sickly people, and those who care for the aged and the the disabled.

Thank you to our private donor for face shields:
♡Aryan Benevolent Home (ABH): 150
♡Highway Hospice: 50
♡Cheshire Home (Chatsworth): 40
♡Vulamehlo Hospice & Dolphin Coast Hospice Association: 10

Thank you to a generous family for your fabric masks:
♡ABH: 400

Thank you Alliance Care Sub-Acute Hospital for your fabric masks and hand disinfectants:
♡Dolphin Coast Hospice: 385 masks
♡Vulamehlo Hospice: 75 masks; 50x 300ml sanitizer
♡Highway Hospice: 40x 500ml sanitizer
♡Cheshire Home: 20x 500ml sanitizer
♡ABH: 40x 500ml sanitizer

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