Aryan Benevolent Home (ABH), we salute you for your selfless service to humanity. The love and compassion you show to every person that has walked through your doors is beyond measure. We Care Mother Africa is honoured to be of service to your establishment, and to know that we have played a small part in assisting you to care for our vulnerable women, men and children.

We are so pleased to share that we have provided ABH with a supply of essential food staples, thereby ensuring that its kitchen operates for 8 weeks, feeding 700 dependents, enhancing their health status, and helping them live with dignity. We also provided essential hygiene products to safeguard the 400 staff and 700 dependents.

Our contribution has been made possible by three generous benefactors. A heartfelt thank you to Mr Vishen Govender and Mr Prean Pather from Norsaf Marine.

We wish to make special mention of our third benefactor, an Australian national, Mr Darryl Pather. Darryl lost his beautiful mother, Ms Pat Pather, to COVID-19, a noble woman who received exceptional care at her nursing home. When Darryl became aware of the request of ABH, he chose to honour his mother in the best possible way, by lending a helping hand. Darryl, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our endeavors, and for paying tribute to your mother in a most meaningful way.

We say THANK YOU to Gift of the Givers for transporting our liquid soap to Durban, and a special THANK YOU to Mr SHAH Nawaz from Regal Products PMB, for his very generous discount, which enabled us to secure a considerable liquid soap purchase.

Provisions supplied:
100kg Rice
50kg Sugar
50Ltr Sunflower Oil
30pcks Teabags (100s)
18kg Margarine
180Ltr F/C Milk
156 cans Baked Beans
80 cans Pilchards
100pcks Soup Packets
300 bars Beauty Soap
83 pcks Sanitary Pads
250Ltr Germicidal Liquid Soap