Bringing relief to rural families in KZN

Previously, we highlighted the plight of over 100 women and children in Inhlazuka-Mahlathini (rural Richmond). Hunger levels are rising rapidly; women can’t find work in this tough economic climate.

We Care Mother Africa was able to bring some relief to this community through the provision of 40 essential goods hampers and 60 small, basic food packs.

40 hampers contained:
♡1x blanket
♡1x fabric face mask
♡2x e’Pap Technology fortified porridge
♡1x freshly-baked bread

60 women received
♡1x freshly-baked bread
♡1x peanut butter

10 children received
♡1x Lindt bunny
♡1x fabric face mask

Many have made this project possible. We are immensely grateful to all our partners and generous donors🙏. Thank you:

♡Anura Ramchander for celebrating your birthday through such a noble gesture: 40 bags of ePap
♡Arthi Maharaj for honoring your parents who were your pillars of strength: 40 bags of ePap
Vama Scrubs: 40 high-quality face masks
Alliance Care Sub-Acute Hospital: 70 high-quality face masks
Gift of the Givers: 40 blankets; Lindt bunnies
East Coast Lions, through whose partnership, we have begun receiving weekly bread loaf donations to support our KZN network of soup kitchens, orphanages, and communities
Saloodo (DHL Global Forwarding) for embarking on a partnership with us to ensure that we can consistently reach our rural communities, nationwide.