How We Care Mother Africa (WCMA) is responding to acute #hunger and severe #malnutrition

More than half of South Africans go hungry every day and malnutrition levels are alarming. South Africa continues to face the serious problem of accessing food, more so, of accessing nutritious food that can adequately address the nutritional deficiencies stemming from hunger.

Today, we shed light on one of our strategic projects aimed at addressing malnutrition and curbing hunger. Our project begins in Tzaneen Limpopo. We are working with our partner NPO, Keep The Dream 196 (KTD), to assist 3000 #rural people through a combination of
☆ fortified porridge distribution containing essential #micronutrientse’Pap Technology, and

WCMA is doing its first roll-out of #ePap fortified porridge to 600 #ruralwomen and #children. A small portion of e’Pap porridge daily, serves to replenish essential nutrients that are missing from diets because of the severe lack of food.

KTD is doing invaluable work through their permaculture garden program. These gardens are:
☆enhance #foodsecurity ☆improve access to nutritious food,
#empowercommunities because households take #ownership of their gardens.

We say a massive THANK YOU to a generous Durban-based benefactor, who wishes to remain anonymous, for his donation of
♡600 bags of e’Pap.

Please support our project by donating toward the purchase of more e’Pap Technology, and help us save lives.

We will be sharing photos of our distribution throughout the week. Watch this space!!!