Saving lives through fabric face mask distributions

We Care Mother Africa is well into its face mask distribution. We began with distributions of 3ply surgical masks and now we are distributing fabric face masks due to their longevity.

We are immensely grateful to the generous contributions made to us by Vama Scrubs and Alliance Care Sub-Acute Hospital, as they work to save lives. Masks are made from high quality, tested, breathable fabric, each containing a built-in filter. Thank you🙏.

Vama Scrubs
♡250 fabric masks
Alliance Care Sub-Acute Hospital
♡1200 fabric masks

Our first distribution leg:
♡St. Clement’s Home-Based Care: 42 masks for staff (Vama Scrubs)
♡Vulamehlo Hospice and Respite Centre: 75 masks for staff (Alliance Care)
Dolphin Coast Hospice Association: 376 masks for staff and patients (Alliance Care)

Watch this space for more distributions!!!