Paying tribute to some of our beautiful sisters and mothers

In the communities of Frasers and Groutville, we focus primarily, on the nutritional well-being of vulnerable children. Throughout lockdown we have worked with our respective partner NPOs to ensure that these 2 feeding programs run uninhibited.

This long weekend, we treated 80 very special women to freshly-prepared chicken biryani accompanied by drinks and sweet treats, as a means of reminding them that they are loved and appreciated. These women comprise mothers and/or caregivers of the children we serve in Groutville, together with the dedicated women, in Groutville and Frasers, who come to their respective workplaces everyday, on a voluntary basis, to ensure that the children are fed.

The extent of a mother’s love knows no boundaries.

Dedication to our Donor, Ashika Singh from Singh’s Mutton Market

Dear Ashika, you are the embodiment of “woman”
♡and so much more

You put your faith in the ability of 3 women, with a shared vision for the betterment of the vulnerable people we serve. You were one of our first supporters. You never asked for a track record or a long list of sponsors, all because you had faith in us and our ability to deliver. We hope you realize how special you are and what you’ve done (and continue to do) for the communities who are benefitting from your consistent contributions to our feeding programs.

THANK YOU WONDER WOMAN, Ashika Singh. We are because you continue to be🙏🏼

We are sharing some beautiful moments where Ashika’s latest donation of lamb trotters was added to food parcels for 20 deserving women in Etete. Thank you to our fantastic Esther Lynn, aka “Gogo,” from SummerHill House for distributing these with your food parcels.