We Care Mother Africa responds to Buffelsdale Primary Fundraising campaign

We visited Buffelsdale Primary School in Tongaat in response to their fundraising campaign. The school is an asset to its community, under the leadership of principal, Mr Ramchunder and dedicated, passionate teachers like Ms Sharese Parsad. Despite being a Section 21 school, Buffelsdale Primary has found itself in extreme financial difficulty due to the mutli-faceted challenges arising from the #covid19 pandemic. Section 21 schools rely heavily on funding mechanisms of consistent school fee payment and their own fundraising capacity. Buffelsdale is still recovering from the significant infrastructural losses incurred due to a fire in 2015.

The school put forward a request to us in the form of a stationery wishlist, so that a portion of Departmental funding allocated for stationery can be used toward other equally important operational costs.

We distributed 80 sets of:
♡BIC fine point pens
♡HB Pencils
♡Shatterproof Rulers
♡72 page exercise books

THANK YOU to our magnanimous supporters for making this possible:
♡11 year old Kynita Reddy, who couldn’t bear thought of children going to school without stationery: 50 sets
♡Mr Poovan Maistry: 20 sets
♡Dr H C Jeena: 10 sets

The school still requires further assistance with these items and more.

It has been a grueling financial year for so many families. If you would like to assist Buffelsdale in providing a quality education to their children, please contact the school directly or get in touch with We Care Mother Africa (PBO and S18A certified).

We Care Mother Africa