Today, we spent the afternoon in Redcliffe, a landscape rich with heritage and a community, who despite their overwhelming hardships, are filled with gratitude for the little they have, together with hope for a better tomorrow.
In spite of the cold and sporadic rains, everyone turned up, took their seats to be addressed by us, and waited patiently as they were called up.
They have lost their jobs, some live with disabilities, some are parents/grandparents to children with special needs, yet they continue to be grateful every act of kindness.
Today, We Care Mother Africa was on the receiving end of prayer, smiles, and countless thank you’s and blessings.
♡THANK YOU to the Redcliffe Hindu Maha Sabha for opening their doors to recipients for our distribution.
♡THANK YOU to every donor that made today’s distribution possible.
♡Our THANKS also, to Joekels Tea Packers for their generous donation of teabags toward our hampers.