#PremierFMCG provides much needed support to our child feeding programs
Thank you Premier FMCG for an incredible donation of 2.6 tons of flour mixes🙏🏼
Today, we introduce our newest network partner, Nkobongo Resource Centre. Managed and operated by a dedicated team of social workers, and a steady stream of volunteers, this centre, has for many years, looked after the well-being of 250 orphaned and vulnerable children through: a preschool; a homework centre; a reading centre for primary school children; an after-school feeding program; youth programs; and sport and recreational activities. 150 children attend programs at the centre. 100 children are monitored through home visits. The multiple challenges associated with Covid19 have inevitably caused some disruptions in programs BUT we are pleased to announce that preschoolers will be back at school on 15th February, and the after school feeding program will continue to feed 60 children every weekday until all other programs resume and 150 children will once again be present for a meal.
We Care Mother Africa supplied Snowflake Queen Cake mix which will produce 2400 queen cakes over a 2 month period. Now, the children can look forward to a treat every few days, coupled with their nutritious lunch meal served at the centre.
We Care Mother Africa is also embarking on a fortified porridge mix program at the centre once our little ones are back at preschool. Excited to share our journey with you.
We also distributed an incredible donation to our network feeding program in Frasers (KZN). Our partners at Smile With Us, have for many years, operated a child feeding program (breakfast and lunch) together with a successful homework centre (focussed on English, Maths and project work). Covid19 put the brakes on the homework centre BUT 200 children have been served their meals every SINGLE day. The feeding program has come under financial strain, and we are very thankful to Premier FMCG for coming on board to contribute so generously to our children’s meals.
Our program received a 2 month supply of Snowflake Dombolo and Magwenya Flour mixes. These are popular and versatile flours used to make: dumplings for stews, soups and curries; bread; and vetkoek.
We Care Mother Africa