Keeping #hunger at bay, in partnership with BB Bakeries.
From July to December 2020, We Care Mother Africa (WCMA) has had the privilege of working with BB Bakeries, to address the severe lack of access to adequate food, experienced by the many vulnerable children and households served by WCMA, in KZN.
During this 6 month period, donations of thousands of bread loaves, contributed to 60,500 meals. Every week, hundreds of freshly baked bread loaves, were distributed amongst WCMA’s child feeding programs, partner soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and food parcel programs. This delicious, nutritious food item added nutritional value, bulked up meals, and kept beneficiaries fuller for longer.
Thank you BB Bakeries for making thousands of sandwiches possible; for providing a delicious accompaniment to curries and soups; and most importantly, for giving hope and for helping to restore dignity in the lives of all the vulnerable people we serve🙏🏼