E’Pap, a fortified porridge, is just as nutritious as it is delicious. It contains essential micronutrients, vitamins and omega fatty acids, aiding in digestion and enhanced absorption of the nutrients needed by the body to function optimally. A child’s developmental trajectory is inextricably linked to good, adequate nutrition.

Bearing witness to the proliferation of #foodinsecurity and #acutehunger in the communities in which we work or those we have assisted during lockdown, it is heartening to know that people are listening. We aim not just to feed the vulnerable, particularly children, but to provide them with wholesome food. Our heartfelt thanks to Sarisha Singh and Stanley Maistry for their generous donation of e’Pap which was served daily to 100 children in Rajkumar, Tongaat, for two weeks. The Rajkumar Kitchen has been operational throughout the National lockdown, through the selfless acts of a group of women who saw the plight of the children and decided to do something about it. We Care Mother Africa has assisted the kitchen during lockdown and we are elated at being given an opportunity to further assist the children through a two week provision of e’Pap.

If you desire to make a difference in a child’s life through #goodnutrition, please support our feeding programs.

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