We continue to be grateful to our donors for their generosity and empathy.

Ms Dinah Perumal continues to be a lifeline to the elderly in the community of Plein Street, Tongaat. She has fought hard for more than 20 years to improve the lives of the aged who do not have the good fortune of being cared for by children or extended family. Despite her own struggles and the tragic loss of her husband, she has continued to care for this community. We take our hats off to Dina for her selfless service.

One of her many voluntary support functions is to ensure that the elderly are transported to clinics and hospitals. We donated a wheelchair to assist Dina in this most noble task.

Pictured with Dina and the indomitable gran in red, is our valued member, Avni Singh, who always has her finger on the pulse. A little note on gran – she is 100 years old and still maintains her own vegetable garden. So much admiration for this beautiful, formidable centenarian.

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