On 27th April, we posted about the community of vulnerable women and children in Inhlazuka, people who:
*have severely restricted access to basic services;
*have no prior NPO intervention;
*who are so poor, they cried on seeing food parcels;
*who despite their hard lives, remain hopeful and rely on the benevolence of their parish, particularly Ma Zaca and her husband, when days are tougher than usual.

Today, we share with elation, that We Care Mother Africa delivered emergency food supplies to an additional 50 families, bringing the total number of families assisted within a week, to 100.

This second donation was made possible by two benefactors. Firstly, we say a heartfelt thank you to a donor (who requested to remain anonymous) for providing 25 families with food hampers, in honour of the memory of her grandparents. Wearing various hats, she’s served humanity for well over 20 years. Her act of kindness has imprinted in the hearts & minds of the community, and they send their blessings.

We also remain extremely grateful to Pick n Pay ” Feed the Nation.” For this project, we were handed a donation of food that enabled us to create a further 25 sizeable food parcels, and use the modest surplus to help more distressed households. People came to Ma Zaca until dark. Thank you Pick n Pay. Thank you to every person that contributed to the campaign.

Finally, a special thanks to the amazing staff at every Pick n Pay store that has contributed to our projects. We have been treated with immense dignity. The staff have supported us in so many ways, from their enthusiastic photo ops and videos, to assisting us to our vehicles, to taking a genuine interest in knowing a little about the communities who are benefitting from our projects. We must make particular mention of the staff at Pick N Pay Crescent. Goods that we purchased were picked, packed and ready for collection; staff came out in numbers and insisted on loading all our goods. This is going beyond one’s duty and for this we say THANK YOU.

For those of you watching the video clip (uploaded in the next post), the blessings and show of gratitude is for everyone involved in our projects – from our hero volunteers, to our magnanimous donors, to the generous supporters of “Feed the Nation,” and to Pick n Pay and all the staff who have assisted us at each store visit.