THANK YOU to every donor that made our distribution in Lavender Hill (Vrygrond – Western Cape) possible. Through such immense empathy and generosity, we were able to give 40 struggling families a reason to smile this holiday.
We can speak volumes about our phenomenal NPO partner, New World Foundation, but today’s focus is on their after care program. Since its inception, this program has identified children and their parents/grandparents who have led a life riddled with trauma or abuse. The program is multi-faceted, focusing on the child and youth beneficiaries, whilst counseling and supporting their caregivers. A serious lack of funding, induced by Covid19, forced the program to close for a while this year but the prolonged suffering of the children and families, resulted in staff and volunteers reopening their doors in October. Our selfless, dedicated peers, in just two months, refocused the program, with the goal of getting the children to play catch up and pass their respective grades. Children were supported through: curricula revision, projects completion, reading exercises, and we are thrilled to announce that every child passed their grade.
We are so pleased that we could be of assistance to single fathers, most of whom lost their jobs in the construction industry; grandmothers; and single unemployed mothers.
40 Hampers donated with ❤
♡2x1kg rice
♡2.5kg maize meal
♡500g sugar beans
♡can pilchards
♡750ml sunflower oil
♡500g sugar
♡500g salt
♡juice concentrate
Sharing beautiful moments with some of our recipients❤
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