THANK YOU BB Bakeries for 50 amazing Christmas Hampers toward our Drive. In a single hamper, the team at BB Bakeries Durban, have responded to food insecurity; reinforced to the children of Pholani settlement that they are loved; and the bonus activity packs plus the gorgeous t-shirts have served as the children’s Christmas gifts – something that they would not have anticipated this year.
Earlier this year, We Care Mother Africa partnered with the Centre For Purposeful Living, an urban-based Retreat Centre founded on the therapeutic values of Secular Buddhism. The Centre’s co-founders are dedicated to assisting its neighbouring settlements of Pholani and Seatides. There is a genuine commitment to create a stimulating and nurturing environment for the 50 children of Pholani settlement. The centre’s co-founders continue to raise funds to assist the community to build a creche/after-care facility in 2021, and thereafter, to introduce an ECD programme. Currently, a group of mums manage the Toy Library, established to encourage learning and imagination through play. We Care Mother Africa will continue to work with the Centre to build a safe, stable, happy and stimulating environment for the beautiful children of Pholani.