We work with our NPO partner, St Clements Home-Based Care, in Clermont, to build the lives of the orphaned and vulnerable children, the elderly, the sickly and disabled, and women-headed households.

Earlier this year, we added 2 wheelchairs to the patient support program because our healthcare workers often struggle to get patients through difficult terrain to the vehicle, to transport them to clinics and hospitals. The wheelchairs have boosted this life saving work significantly.

One of the patients transported to hospital for her physiotherapy sessions, is our precious, Wandi. Her schooling career was cut short two years prior due to her medical condition. Yet, she is not a forgotten child. Our NPO partnership has not failed her. She is taken to all her physiotherapy sessions so that she can gain strength and improve her mobility. Recently, our very own Ayesha donated a brand new wheelchair to Wandi so that she can enjoy the outdoors, and be more independent. No more waiting on big sister to help her if she needs to move around.

Wandi is beautiful and spirited. She has the ability to live her life to its fullest potential and we will be there to enable her in her journey.

Partner with us to empower our women and children.

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