Today we stand in solidarity with our teachers and caregivers whose lives have been severely disrupted by #COVID-19. Many of them are without pay and have no UIF entitlements. Parents simply can’t afford to pay ECD and creche fees during the lockdown. These valuable members of society are there for our children, nurturing and caring for them. So we should do what is within our means to be there for them. We Care Mother Africa (WCMA) shares this belief with our incredible partner, Impophomo Rushing Waters (IRW), and in a show of support for our teachers, WCMA provided 25 food hampers to a most deserving group from #CosmoCity and #Zandspruit, with IRW providing additional aid. THANK YOU teachers for everything you do, especially because of the incredibly tough social and economic landscape within which you serve our children.

Our donation has been made possible by two generous beings, Mr Prean Pather (Norsaf Marine) and Dr Sudeshen Naidoo (Sandton Oncology Centre), who value an education and the essential building block of that system – our super heroes…our teachers.

Please reach out to We Care Mother Africa or our phenomenal sister, Ntsoaki from Impophomo Rushing Waters, should you wish to contribute to our project.