Together with our network of NPO partners, We Care Mother Africa continues to respond to the hunger crisis

We recently collaborated with our partner in Gauteng, Impophomo Rushing Waters, to add nutritional value, in the form of e’Pap fortified porridge, to 200 essential food hampers. These hampers were distributed to grandmothers and mothers whose position has become more precarious during the lockdown. These most deserving women are struggling to make ends meet, and put food on the table for their children. Hampers were distributed in Zandspruit, Cosmo City and Lion Park plot 89. Some families who lost their homes in a fire, in Soweto, were also given nutritious e’Pap together with blankets.

We are proud to be associated with Impophomo Rushing Waters.
We are also immensely grateful to a private, Durban-based donor for his generous donation of 200 bags of e’Pap Technology toward our project.

We Care Mother Africa