Working together to strengthen household #foodsecurity
Last week was a busy and fruitful one, thanks to the generous support WCMA received from Zimbali Charity Fund (ZCF). A whopping 100 food parcels were distributed to struggling families from various parts of Tongaat. We are also very grateful to our friends at the Tongaat Child Welfare (TCW) for opening their doors to us for the distribution.
Our greatest take-aways from last week’s distribution, were the absolute humility of our people, their indomitable spirits, their hopefulness, and their overwhelming show of gratitude and blessings. No matter how many times we do this, we always leave a place with so loved and blessed. Our heartfelt thanks to ZCF and every donor for working with us to produce another successful distribution.
Mrs C supports 4 grandchildren. She collects an Old Age pension and 2 Child Support Grants. Mrs C worked as a domestic worker, but with age, she was forced to stop and collect an OAP.
Despite her arduous life, she is a woman of immense faith and fortitude. She was screened as a temporary safe care parent, and she took on the responsibility of caring for children that were unrelated to her. She came under attack by a vicious group who were under the misconception that she received financial remuneration for her acts of love and empathy. She hides her scars and does not speak of this incident but we know her story. Mrs C is a lifeline to every child she has protected.