Premier FMCG Pty Ltd gives our KZN schools some sweet love

We say a massive THANK YOU to Premier FMCG for their support of our work, which came in the form of a donation of a whopping 5520 packs of sweets and marshmallows. This donation gave thousands of our children, predominantly from schools in Pietermaritzburg, a reason to smile. Times are challenging and families are buckling under the pressure of financial uncertainty. For those who are barely managing to get by, a pack of sweets for their children is most definitely not on their grocery list.

We are elated to share some beautiful moments of our distribution with you. We distributed sweet packs not only to the children but also to the dedicated academic and maintenance staff, in acknowledgment of their bravery and the dedication with which they serve their children.

Each school deserves to be brought to light for its meritorious efforts.

We Care Mother Africa
Premier FMCG Pty Ltd