Zero Food Waste. Thank You Pick n Pay💚
In a time when studies have proved that hunger levels continue to rise exponentially, we must all make a concerted effort to prevent food wastage. Thank you, Mario and team (Pick n Pay Musgrave Centre) for your incredible donation:
❤️119 packs of apples, water melons, and a variety of nutritious vegetable produce.
Some of our beneficiaries in Clermont received a nutritious boost, courtesy of PnP Musgrave. These vulnerable people are cared for through a host of programs: home-based care; transport to clinics and hospitals; counselling for immuno-compromised patients; OVC programs (nutrition; menstrual and sexual health); non-perishable food parcels; meals on wheels; community outreach programs.
Covid19 has pushed household food insecurity to greater extremes. Access to adequate, nutritious food has a direct impact on the economic, physical and emotional well-being of people. There is a growing need for food. We are grateful for all our supporters during these most challenging times.
If you are keen to support our feeding programs, do get in touch.
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