Bread is an essential food in most households. Yet it is often unaffordable by poor households and feeding programmes because of the quantity needed to sustain a household or feed the large numbers of people who depend on that all-important ONE meal for the day.

We Care Mother Africa is alleviating this problem for its KZN communities by ensuring that recipients get a week’s worth of freshly baked BB bread loaves, thanks to a strategic partnership with East Coast Lions and BB Bakeries.

Week One:
♡310 loaves
Week Two:
♡380 loaves
Week Three:
♡388 loaves
Week Four, First Leg:
♡400 loaves
Week Four, Second Leg:
♡235 loaves
Week Five
♡320 loaves + 348 squares
Week Six
♡172 loaves
♡600 BB Squares
Week Seven
♡400 loaves

Sharing some beautiful moments with you.

We Care Mother Africa
East Coast Lions