Lakehaven Children’s Home is a 62 year old establishment that continues to nuture, protect and empower every child placed in its care. The centre provides care for orphaned, abused and neglected children. The onset of COVID-19 has produced funding challenges for the centre. Added to this is the unexpected costs attached to additional measures taken by the centre to safeguard the children and staff against exposure to COVID-19. WCMA stepped in to support these meritorious efforts because the children being cared for have had to deal with much trauma prior to the centre taking them in. They deserve to live their lives with as little disruption and uncertainty as possible.

We are once more, immensely grateful to the Ackerman Pick n Pay Foundation for generously donating to the centre’s kitchen, and invariably giving the precious children another reason to smile. We also say a heartfelt thanks to Mr JM & Mrs M Naidoo, all the way in Dubai, for their donation to the kitchen. The Naidoo’s share a history with the community by virtue of being ex-educators at Lakehaven Secondary, and having knowledge of the wonderful work done at Lakehaven CYCC.

Lakehaven CYCC continues to weave a bright and hopeful future for children that once lead extremely fractured lives. If you would like to get involved and assist them during these challenging times, please contact us or the centre.

Provisions supplied by Pick n Pay:
♡15 Ltr Sunflower Oil
♡10kg Sugar
♡4.8kg Peanut Butter
♡24 cansTinned fish
♡24 cans Baked Beans
♡Five Roses Tea (2×100s)
♡1kg Milo
♡6kg Polony
♡3.2kg Cheese

The Naidoo’s kindly donated:
♡15Ltr Sunflower Oil
♡6Ltr F/Cream Milk
♡1.5kg Coffee
♡15Ltr Oros Concentrate
♡6 cans Tuna
♡5 boxes Cereals

Pick n Pay
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