The #KhomaniSan, we dare say, almost forgotten people. Anyone having a degree of knowledge of our country’s history would probably be inclined to agree that these people have long suffered disenfranchisement. People often lay claim to “the land,” and the battle is commonly seen as one between black and white but long before this, the very “land” that is so highly and so often contested, was occupied by the San. After centuries of being pushed further and further toward the fringes, the descendants of the San are now scattered in a few remote and rural parts of the Northern Cape. What we know as the Kalahari is as harsh a landscape as it is sublime. The people inhabiting these spaces have difficult lives. They have to make do with very little in terms of basic service provisioning and the development that most of us are accustomed to even if we live in smaller towns. The multifarious challenges stemming from #Covid-19, have only exacerbated their hardships.

We Care Mother Africa works with a spirited and kind-hearted being, who is passionate about empowering the children in these remote, rural communities, especially the girls. Claire, we are honoured to be associated with you and we hope to do so much more for our children and their families in the Kalahari.

We are so pleased to share that recently, despite the logistical challenges that people so often mention when it comes to working with communities in remote areas, our team in KZN, working with Claire in the Western Cape, managed to give 25 families in Andriesvale (N. Cape), a small glimmer of hope, viz. food hampers to each of these families.

Each family received a modest hamper of:
♡5kg Maize Meal
♡2kg Rice
♡2Ltr Sunflower Oil
♡2kg Sugar
♡500g salt
♡Peanut Butter
♡Baked Beans
♡Sanitary pads

We are immensely grateful to Mr Prean Pather and Mr Vishen Govender from Norsaf Marine for their donation that has made this project possible.

There is so much more to do and we would love for you to get involved.