Trolley Donation

COVID-19 poses a threat to every one of us. The poorest of our people do not have the financial means to protect themselves. Their burden is far greater than ours. We must all take action. Let’s be kind and compassionate.

Pick n Pay KZN has partnered with We Care Mother Africa to assist local communities in KZN. Please look out for our trolley at your local Pick n Pay store and support our campaign. Please spread the word.


Soap Donation

Schools are officially closed today, in light of the precautionary measures being taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Despite the short notice of school closure, Pick n Pay School Club accompanied us to Sithengile Secondary School to ensure that over 1400 children left school with an essential hygiene product-soap bars. This gesture, emanating from Pick n Pay’s expansive CSI agenda, will help boost handwashing and personal hygiene in well over 1000 homes. Thank you to Pick n Pay School Club for sharing our concern for the safety of our children. Thank you Pick n Pay for caring.

Feed the Nation

Through the generosity of Pick n Pay “Feed the Nation” campaign, WeCareMotherAfrica was able to provide food aid to our vulnerable people in the North Coast community of Darnall, this Easter weekend. #COVID-19 has added immense strain on millions of people who battle poverty every day. We are so grateful for the invaluable support we receive from Pick n Pay.
Thank you to the team at Pick n Pay KZN and to the Ackerman Pick n Pay Foundation.

Pictured below: Pick n Pay KZN; We Care Mother Africa; our very happy community councilor with some of our beneficiaries.


Pick n Pay “Feed the Nation”Campaign has done it again. Yesterday, the prayers of some of our beneficiaries, in the impoverished town of Frasers, were answered through Pick n Pay’s donation of much needed food parcels. The smiles & gratitude from our precious orphans & vulnerable children, senior citizens, & our people who struggle to provide for their families, imprinted in our hearts. Please support “Feed the Nation” because your contribution saves lives. Thank you to Pick n Pay KZN & the Ackerman Pick n Pay Foundation.

WeCareMotherAfrica is also forever grateful to our donor, Singh’s Mutton Market. Because of their hearts of gold, each of our recipients also received a meat pack. This family butcher has also ensured that our soup kitchen can add more value to critical daily meals through the Singh family’s magnanimous donation of meat products. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Ashika, Dhiraj and Neha.

#PicknPay “Feed the Nation”
#Singh‘s MutttonMarket