We Care Mother Africa
We Care Mother Africa is in Tongaat, KwaZulu-Natal.
Tongaat, KwaZulu-Natal
Tongaat Secondary School’s Open Library has been given a fantastic boost, thanks to a generous private donor, who recently donated a whopping 247 books - fiction and non-fiction - to We Care Mother Africa for the library.

Pictured with a fraction of the books, are Mrs Singh (HOD - Languages Department) and some of the delighted learners.

If you would like to get involved by assisting with shelving for the library, please contact us:
Email: info@wecaremotherafrica.org

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We Care Mother Africa
We Care Mother Africa
🌟Inspiring a culture of #reading, & producing knowledge through a light-hearted text
🌟#reusing plastic to curb resource shortages

THANK YOU to an incredibly generous private donor for a phenomenal donation:

❤️200 beautifully packaged, brand new copies of a non-fiction book
❤️560 much-loved plastic bins for paper disposal

We Care Mother Africa is grateful for the ongoing support of donors to our local schools upliftment project work.

Bins were distributed to 16 schools & 5 NPOs, for use in classrooms and workspaces.

Beautifully packaged books were distributed to 17 schools. Each beneficiary school was elated to have received the books, where books have been set aside for library use, reading time with teachers, and Awards Day Functions.

Sharing a few special moments. We can’t wait for Awards Day photos and the inevitable joy to follow when the children receive their beautiful book prizes.

Our school network will flourish with the continued support of the community. Feel free to contact us if you are keen to get involved.

Beneficiary schools:
Groutville High
Nonhlevu Secondary
Tongaat Secondary
Stanger Secondary
Melville Primary
Zilungisele Primary
Radha Roopsingh Primary
Enkukwini Primary
Sandfields Primary
RA Padayachee Primary
Trubel Primary
Victoria Primary
Stanger Manor Primary
Buffelsdale Primary
Everest Heights Primary
Glenhills Primary
Steven Davison Primary

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We Care Mother Africa
We Care Mother Africa
An apt illustration of #community, and schools working together to enrich lives.

We Care Mother Africa recently received a magnanimous donation of stationery and textbooks, together with much-loved sports equipment, and school shoes, which was distributed to 3 local high schools, all of whom are doing stellar work to give their children a chance at creating a better, brighter future for themselves.

Thank you to the principal and staff of Ashton International College Ballito for your incredible donation which will undoubtedly enrich the lives of the children attending the beneficiary schools.

1: Ashton International College Ballito with Languages HOD at Tongaat Secondary.
2-3: Teachers at GROUTVILLE HIGH SCHOOL busy sorting and allocating textbooks for respective grades and subject classes.

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We Care Mother Africa
We Care Mother Africa
We Care Mother Africa is in Etete, Stanger.
Etete, Stanger
The rain didn’t stop us!
The potholes didn’t stop us!
The roads, in need of much attention, didn’t either!
We came in our numbers because we made a promise to the children at Radha Roopsingh primary school, and it was time to honour that promise.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of space (burnt down classrooms during the riots of July 2021, were replaced by container classrooms, in what was once a playground and assembly area) our wonderful friends at BB Bakeries Durban could not provide the entertainment they so love doing for children at every project.

Thank you, BB Bakeries Durban, for your phenomenal and diverse CSI program that seeks to #curbhunger and empower children.

❤️a brand new uniform set & school shoes for 50 children
❤️1,000 freshly baked bread loaves for the children, educators, admin, cleaning and security staff because BB Bakeries leaves no one out.

Radha Roopsingh Primary has been in existence for nearly 70 years and continues to provide a quality education and a safe space for its children. This wonderful school serves children from extremely poor households/communities. Please contact us if you are keen to get involved. Your support will change lives.

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We Care Mother Africa
We Care Mother Africa
We Care Mother Africa is in Tongaat, KwaZulu-Natal.
Tongaat, KwaZulu-Natal
🌟Readers are Leaders🌟

Why should we encourage and develop a love of language and literature in our children? It simply comes down to this…It is through language and literature that children make sense of their lived experience; build and grow their knowledge base; develop social skills; and become effective, confident communicators and contributors to society.

We Care Mother Africa is proud to have played a small part (AS A START) in the journey of Tongaat Secondary. The challenge: too many children starting high school present with inadequate reading, writing and verbal skills in the English language. The passionate educators from the English Studies Department set out to change the trajectory of these children, especially those in grade 8, and invariably set the children up for success. Earlier this year, a Spelling Whizz was introduced as a means of creating a stress-free and fun-filled way to encourage children to engage with the language. After various rounds, a highly successful final was hosted, and attended by participants, peers, parents, school staff and the SGB. We Care Mother Africa sponsored 200 meals for the occasion, and we endeavour to do much more to assist the English Studies Department in achieving its goal.

Plans are in motion to implement an Open Library System, aimed at encouraging children to read a wide range of literature, become confident communicators, improve their pass rates across all subjects, and to further instil a sense of responsibility, and autonomy in the children, as they commit to reading, caring for the books, and returning these timeously for use by others.

We appeal to you for assistance to make this project successful and sustainable. If you are keen to get involved by means of donating pre-owned fiction and non-fiction books, and shelving for the library, kindly contact us.

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We Care Mother Africa
We Care Mother Africa
Now this happened in September!!!

We Care Mother Africa remains thankful for the wonderful support we receive every time we put out a request.

5 pairs of brand new, leather school shoes handed over to some very happy children at Steven Davison Primary School (rural Ximba).

Thank you, thank you to our magnanimous supporters.
Life is hard but you give glimmers of hope.

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