WCMA has completed the second month of 212 food parcel distributions, thanks to the tremendous fundraising efforts of Zimbali Charity Fund (ZCF), and the generosity of donors.
Our first stop was Nkobongo where 56 beneficiaries would come in two groups in adherence to social distancing protocols. Two ZCF committee members – the nimble Vaughn and the ever-pleasant Penny – joined us. The air was filled with excitement. We were greeted with warm smiles, and beneficiaries were eager to tell us how they were coping since our last distribution. Our biggest take-away was that our food parcels HELPED TO FILL GAPS, and that the families DID NOT GO TO BED HUNGRY!!!
Here’s what some of the beneficiaries had to say:
*Since losing her job as a part-time gardener at one of the Durban hotels, Ms M and her children continue to rely on child support grants (CSG) and her eldest daughter’s nominal income. After paying essential living expenses, there’s never enough money to secure sufficient food for a whole month. Our food parcel changed that for the family in March.
*Ms G who lost her job in the construction industry, remains without a job. Prior to receiving our food parcels, the CSGs she received would be spent primarily on rent, water, and electricity, leaving very little money for food. Some days were so tough that she would approach the Resource Centre requesting bread rolls so that her children had something to eat. The food parcel provided this small family with a meal every day, when combined with the little money Ms G sets aside for food.
*Our food parcel brought much relief to Miss M and her extended family of 6. She is still without work, so it was a huge relief to receive our food parcel which lasted her family 2 weeks.
*Ms H has not been able to find a job as a domestic worker. Her household continues to rely on 2 CSGs. She still awaits news from Home Affairs on a birth certificate for her third child so that she can apply for a CSG. Our food parcel helped her to feed her family sufficiently, for 2 weeks because there is not much money left after paying off all essential expenses.
*Ms N has not been able to find work, and her daughter, M, who collected our food parcel in March, has not been called back to resume work as a bartender in the hospitality industry. Until such time, the family’s income remains 2 CSGs. Our food parcel lasted the family 2 weeks, with mum being able to sustain her family for a month, in that she spent some of the grant money on other food items. Even in times where there was no money for prepaid electricity, Ms N would prepare food on an open fire.